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The Killer is a performance board for good waves.

Features include a good amount of rocker, but not too much, along with a slightly deeper single-double concave. This combo encourages critical surfing in the pocket and on the face in the good to excellent wave spectrum . For the outline we’ve kept the nose and tail slightly wider, but not so wide that it will skate out when you want to send some rooster tail into the atmosphere. We’ve also used a medium rail which is not too bitey/not too boaty and will have you covered when carving in the juice. Comes standard with Round-Square tail for varsatility, Round-Pin tail or swallow for a bit more hold.  After many years of testing and tweaking through feedback from our team riders and customers,The Killer is proven as a go to when the waves are good.

The Killer, it’s killer. Kill it on the Killer. Duuude… Killer!          

 Ride the Killer as your regular shortboard measurements (generally 1-3 inches longer than your height)


Rocker: Medium entry, Medium tail

Concave: slightly deeper Medium single double

Rail: medium

Wave height: 3-6ft

Wave magnet rating: 6