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A step up performance board for waves of consequence.


We recommend riding the Grunge model up to 3/16” thicker than you standard shortboard. We’ve also carried some of that thickness forward, which results in excellent paddle power and will have you entering the wave nice and early to set a line. A board that much thicker sounds like it’s going to be a beast, right?! We’ve incorporated a rolled deck and low rail profile which will make it feel not so different to your usual Shortboard (it will feel a bit thinner on the rail actually). This lower rail profile, along with a slight single to deeper double concaves through the fins will also help to hold and bite into the water when moving at speeds. The outline and rocker both work together towards providing the drivey feel of a gun and the response of a performance board. Comes standard as a rounded pintail and heavier glass job 

When the ocean sends some grunge your way, know you’ll have a board in the garage to handle the conditions

Order 1 to 4” longer and same width as your standard shortboard

*Recommended glassing- 6x4x4oz or 6x4x6oz



Rocker: Medium entry, medium tail rocker.

 Rail: rolled deck, Low rail

Concave: Slight single concave leading to a deeper double through the tail.

Wave Height: 5-8ft

Wave magnet rating: 8