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In short, it’s the small wave version of our BADDIEgoods model… so we named it B. Goods…


A balanced rocker and slightly deeper concave means excess speed and tight hard turns in the pocket. Since this model is built for opportunities small waves offer, we lowered the entry rocker and dropped the flip off the tail slightly which equals more speed. To keep the same positive feel of the BADDIEgoods, the outline remains the same except for the nose, which is wider since this model is ridden a fair bit shorter. Rail remains the same mid-boxy for a good amount of forgiving response.

 We recommend ridding B. Goods 2-3 inches shorter, and 1/4 “ wider than your regular performance board



Rocker: Balanced (slightly flatter through the centre with curve nose and tail)

Concave: slightly deeper Medium single double

Rail: Medium-boxy

Wave height: 1-3ft

Wave magnet rating: 8