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The BADDIEgoods is a performance board for everyday conditions.

A balanced rocker and slightly deeper concave means excess speed and tight hard turns in the pocket. The forgiving outline includes a wide point further back than usual which eliminates the need to transfer weight back and forward, allowing you the ability to surf off your back foot for instant response. This outline feature along with a touch more foam in the rail will also help keep the front of the board out of the water for a catch free ride. Recommended as a squash tail which offers more release, or a swallow for more driving hold

 Throw a BADDIEgoods in your car and know you’ve got a board for just about any condition you’ll encounter at your local


Rocker: Balanced (slightly flatter through the centre with curve nose and tail)

Concave: slightly deeper Medium single double

Rail: Medium-Boxy

Wave height: 1-5ft

Wave magnet rating: 7